Start the Morning with a Healthy Super-Simple Smoothie

A smoothie requires the best blender for smoothies that has sufficient capacity to blend ice and frozen berries. Blenders come in various capacities and power capacities and with an array of preset or manual blending settings. Choose the best blender to make smoothies.

About Blenders

Blenders come in models that range from 200 to 1200 watts. You could blend ice with the lowest wattage, however, the lower the energy, the harder the blender works, and this eventually shortens its expected life.

I came across my old features list and just lately did a great deal of research to build an updated list of the suggested features you will need in your best blender for smoothies to make smoothies.


An easy motor gives you to use frozen fruit rather than fresh materials (Why frozen fruits?) and there is no need to pre-cut substances. Broadband motors can pulverize seeds which improves consistency and taste. They are able to also crush ice to make fresh smoothies. I would recommend a minimum of 350 watts, but ideally more. Cheap motors can burn up with heavy daily use while powerful, high-quality motors allow you to perform your best blender for smoothies many times each day without burning out.

Metal Bottom part

Cheap bases are usually associated with poor motors and provide less speed and stability. Material and sound bases give your blender the steadiness it needs for making your smoothies.

Speed Configurations

3 different speeds are suggested to have the texture you wish. A pulse setting is not a “will need to have” feature but some individuals utilize it to chop in the ingredients initially. More details.

Pitcher Size and Materials

The recommended least size for your pitcher is 40 oz. (5 mugs) and bigger storage containers are the most comfortable option in this way, you’ll never discover that your pitcher is too small. The Oster Versa 1400-watt low account jar has a 64 oz. capacity, Ninja Professional Blender (BL660) has a 72 oz. jar and Magic Bullet Nutri Bullet, the most lightweight model, has 2 jars: one being 32 oz. and small is approximately 18 oz. The recommended material is cheap rather than a glass. Clear plastic doesn’t break so easily, is way better for high-speed rotation and it’s really lighter too.

Easy and Quick to completely clean

Avoid blenders you have to disassemble to completely clean; it will require more time and you’ll lose the motivation to make your daily smoothies. Preferably, your best blender for smoothies should be cleanable by just adding warm water and dishwasher cleaning soap to the pot and letting it roll for a minute.

Long-term Guarantee

The longer the guarantee the better. Whether you intend on using your best blender for smoothies once or several times a day, you do not desire to be worried that you will burn up the motor with heavy utilization. A long-term warranty will have your protected and will motivate youto use your blender more times and for different tasks. Oster Versa 1400-watt is costlier but provides an amazing 7-time full-warranty.

To conclude

Whether a low-power blender works for you depends upon how often you utilize the blender and exactly how long you blend.  If you intend to make a smoothie many times a week, buying a blender with a minimum of 600 watts is strongly recommended. Before you buy, concur that your best blender for smoothie’s selection can indeed combine ice. Not absolutely all can. Learn more details at: