Suggestions For Better Smoothies Recipe

Suggestions For Better Smoothies Recipe

There are many smoothie bars where you can get your healthy fix whenever you feel the need. However, the best smoothies are the ones that you make at home. Aside from costing less, you can choose what goes into your smoothie or better yet, you can make a nice, tall, frosty drink from your own smoothie’s recipe. You can find blender reviews online which are very useful in looking for good blender products.

There are no strict rules to go by in order to concoct that perfect smoothie; but there are helpful suggestions you can follow that might result in a beverage that will rival those that are sold in pricey smoothie shops.

When it comes to chilled drinks, frozen fruit works better than fresh. It is good to stock up on bananas, strawberries and blueberries in your freezer since these are the most likely fruits you will be mixing in your smoothies. Some even swear that frozen fruit tastes better. They help keep the drink chilled and make it creamy. The advantage of buying frozen is that you can always have them even when they are not in season.

Frozen fruit concentrates also make for a better smoothie recipe. It can be a good base for your drink where you can add fruits, other juices and dairy products. Using this particular ingredient is especially helpful if your blender is not of the best kind and cannot crush ice very well. Concentrates blend better than ice cubes and will not strain your blender blades too much. Most of all, they give the smoothies more flavor. However, if the smoothie’s recipe really calls for ice, then it is better to crush the ice before mixing it in with the other ingredients in the blender. If you do not have an ice crusher, then most likely, you will have to do this manually, look for some blender reviews before buying. This could mean more effort but crushing ice is better than having ice chunks in your drink.

Milk and other milk products are essential for a delicious smoothie recipe. The dairy will make your drink rich and creamier and it only takes a few tablespoons of milk or a cup of yogurt to accomplish this. You can also use ice cream, which will make the smoothie really delicious but will sacrifice the health benefits. There are different flavors of yogurt available and you can try mixing and matching these flavors with the fruit ingredients. Who knows? You might be able to invent an amazingly tasty smoothie.

As much as possible, include bananas in your best blenders for smoothie’s recipe. Bananas are very healthy but they are perfect for smoothies because they provide a creamy and rich texture. If you happen to use acidic fruits like berries and oranges, the banana will even out the sour taste. Creating a balanced taste is also important. If you mix in acidic ingredients like tart fruits, then their taste has to be counteracted by putting in another ingredient such as bananas and milk. Doing so will result in a more delicious smoothie.

Experimenting with ingredients of a smoothie’s recipe makes preparation so much fun. Not only will you be able to learn how to mix flavors, you will also be enjoying more delicious drinks.

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